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Hello Readers, my name is Harry Freebie and together with my team of expert freebie hunters we would like to welcome you to UK Free For over 19 years now we have been working closely with our vast network of UK based sponsors in order to filter out the American based Free Stuff websites to make it easier for you, our readers to find the latest and greatest Free Products available in the UK. We are the first UK Free Stuff website to feature in Yahoo and will continue to offer our readers a superb range of Free Products across the UK retail industry.

How UK Free Stuff Works

In the very early days of the retail industry, a certain company would bring out a new product only once or twice a year, causing a mass rush from the general public to buy and try this wonderful new ‘thing’. Well, the retail industry has come a long way since then and with hundreds of new products hitting the retail stores on a daily basis, companies have had to vastly increase their advertising campaigns and come up with inventive new ideas to market their goods.

One such idea is to offer the public ‘Free Stuff’ and they do so in a number of ways such as free competitions, receive a free gift for subscribing to their website, come in-store to see a demonstration of the new product and get one free, or fill in a brief survey to get a free gift. This is common practice in this day and age, but with that many new products on offer it can be a bit tiresome scouring the internet to find the brands or companies offering ‘Free Stuff’.

Let Harry Freebie Help

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