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Such is the astounding variety of toys & games now available on the market, the youth of today find it hard to believe there was a time when kids had to make their own toys and invent their own games. I am no pensioner but I still remember growing up in Africa when sticks, stones, string, bottle caps, pieces of wire and discarded old crates were the components that made the vast majority of my toys, and my imagination and the wilderness were my games. If I wanted a toy car, with the help of our wise old gardener I made it out of wire and bottle caps, and if I wanted a bicycle that sounded like a motorbike I attached a piece of stiff plastic to my spokes.

Modern Toys & Games

So, you can imagine my absolute awe when we visited my gran and gramps in good old Blighty and they took my brother and I to this magic wonderland called ‘Gamleys’. Thank heavens for my young and healthy heart otherwise I’m sure I would have dropped dead on the spot such was my excitement. So vivid is my memory of Gamleys, over 40 years later I can still remember every one of the toys & games I chose. There was this tub of amazing neon green goo called Slime that didn’t even stick to your fingers, a DIY kit to make your own resin paperweights with seashells and sparkles, an exciting game called Buckaroo and another called Operation. I can tell you when we got back home to Africa, we were the most popular kids around the ‘kraal’ 🙂

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Although those were pretty amazing toys & games to a 70’s kid from the ‘sticks’ they’re old school compared to what’s on the market today and our young, and not so young, readers and subscribers can enjoy a great choice of freebie offers, discounts, vouchers and promotions on a whole range of fun and exciting stuff. Some of our sponsors offers include free delivery on a variety of items, free gift when you recommend a friend, free games and fun gimmicks, loads of discounted offers, gift vouchers and cash rewards for shopping online.