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As with most UK industries that are constantly increasing and streamlining their operations, the world of finance is no different. Do you know there was actually a time when you got to meet your bank manager! Yes believe it or not, back in the old days if you wanted a mortgage or loan it was customary to make an appointment to see your bank manager which was the equivalent to attending a grand ball. One would spend hours going over their current earnings, available finances and outgoing expenditure before getting dressed in their best suit or frock and heading to the cloistered environs of the bank’s inner sanctuary to meet the head honcho.

Modern Finance

In this day and age, besides our initial meeting with a ‘teller’ to apply for an account, we hardly have any need to even enter a bank or building society, but rather have the wonderful convenience of an ATM machine to dispense our hard earned cash. The same applies for loans which are huge business in the finance industry, where making money on the misfortunes of the masses is just part of the daily routine of the big money lenders. Love them or hate them, most of us need a loan at some stage in our lives and we are prepared to pay the extortionate interest charges in order to buy that special something or just to keep our heads above water.

UK Free Stuff

At least our readers and subscribers at UK Free Stuff can enjoy a variety of gifts, cashback and freebies whilst having to endure the interest charges on a loan. We have some of the top UK finance companies as our sponsors and in order to secure your business they offer incentives such as free cash when registering online, free gifts when taking out a loan over a certain amount and a cash gift for opening a new account. Whatever offers and freebies are out there, UK Free Stuff have the resources and expert staff to find them and pass them on to our readers.