Child Locate Free 30 Day trial and Free connection

Child Locate

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Child Locate – Know where your family members are at all times with a tracking system for mobile phones. Using the Child Locate tracking service you will be able to locate your children, and other family members from your mobile phone, or via the web. It is a really simple and easy to use service that will provide you with real peace of mind when your children are out with friends.

The service costs just £1.34 per week for a family pack of 5 registered mobiles and comes with:

  • FREE connection (worth £10.00)
  • 25 FREE annual locations (worth £10.00)
  • Unlimited text messages (from 7.5p a message)
  • Location from 22.5p

You can even have a 30-day FREE trial. So go on and have a look for yourself, it is simple, safe and secure and will definitely provide peace of mind.