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Although the internet has replaced a lot of the necessity for books & magazines, there are still those of us out there who treasure a good book, that musty library smell that invokes our imagination when reading or just the comfortable feel of an old leather bound book. Magazines on the other hand are still big sellers, especially the glossy fashion mags that sit on every reception desk or doctors waiting room table that we inevitably page through during our visit.

These magazines, if somewhat misleading and overly glamorised, still catch our attention and the adverts in them stay in our subconscious until, one day when wandering the high street we see a product in a shop window we remember reading about and, on impulse go in and buy it. Well that’s how advertising works and if it wasn’t for the magazines out there, we wouldn’t recognise or even think about half the products that we end up purchasing.

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Our professional team of staff at UK Free Stuff realise that no matter how vast the internet, there will always be those of us that find pleasure in reading books & magazines. Therefore on a regular basis we liaise with our various sponsors in the publishing industry to update our database on all discounted promotions, competitions and free giveaways that we pass onto you our readers. These may include various buy one book get a second half price, magazines with free gifts inside, monthly subscribers offers, competitions to win free stuff, Kindle freebies, or purchase via the website offers. Whatever the offer, UK Free Stuff are always on the lookout.

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