Free Samples

Bodyform: Join the bodyform website and receive sample products for free.

Whiskas: Free Whiskas Kitten Care Pack – including free samples of Whiskas Kitten Pouches.

I’m not quite sure when free samples were introduced as a sales gimmick, maybe way back when we were still trading with beads and trinkets but I do remember advertising slogans such as ‘Join Avon today and receive your free samples of our latest fantastic products’ which as a child were a thing of wonder, those tiny thin bottles in all the colours of the rainbow had me hooked and I would walk around for days smelling like a Soho brothel!

Free Sample Hunter

From my first Avon experience I was hooked and would try my luck at all the market stalls, search through countless newspapers and magazines, and never miss a trip to the supermarket with my good old mum to try anything and everything that was a free sample, the doggy treats weren’t to my liking though! Well, that’s my experience and I’m sure there are many others out there who can’t resist free samples, and what an age we live in when it comes to Free Stuff, it seems like every retailer has jumped on the band wagon when it comes to offering freebies as a way to get their product recognised.

UK Free Stuff

Who would have guessed I would end up working alongside the fantastic team at UK Free Stuff to bring you, our readers the latest and greatest freebies on the UK market today. We have a constantly updated database of sponsors across a broad spectrum of retail companies who trust us to help market their products by offering a wide range of free samples. The great thing about browsing our UK Free Stuff website is, if there isn’t a free sample on offer that takes your fancy, we have a number of other categories where you will find freebies and discounts.