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At UK Free Stuff we like to offer our readers and subscribers as wide a range of discounts, freebies and promotions as we can and these can be found across a number of categories including insurance. This may not be the most exciting category for our avid ‘freebie hunters’ who prefer browsing our retail offers where there’s more chance to find Free Stuff, gifts, cash prizes, vouchers and competitions, but for those who are actually looking to take out an insurance policy, and we all do at some stage in our lives, there are some great discounts to be found in all sectors of the industry.

Insurance Sectors

Although Britain is not nearly as ‘over the top’ as the USA when it comes to the range of weird and wonderful insurances available, we have still expanded somewhat on the basic life, home, travel and vehicle policies that were available a couple of decades ago. At UK Free Stuff we work hard but also like to have fun and try to keep our category articles light-hearted with the odd funny story here and there.

Well, I may have been a rich man and not sitting here writing this article if my dear old mum didn’t think I had been smoking the gardeners ‘wacky backy’ as a kid back in Africa in the early 80’s. We had just collected one of our dogs from the vet after a recent and very expensive operation and my mum was complaining bitterly about the vet’s bill. So with the infinite wisdom of youth I piped up, why is pet insurance not available only to be met with peals of laughter and a scornful don’t be so ridiculous! And there you have it, pet insurance is now a common policy and I’m not a rich man 🙂

UK Free Stuff

So whatever policy you may be looking at, UK Free Stuff have some of the UK’s leading insurers as our sponsors who offer a number of discounts on a variety of policies including home, car and breakdown cover, and our team of staff are constantly adding to our list of sponsors.