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The worldwide beauty & health industry spends and makes vast amounts of money each year, manufacturing and perfecting the mind boggling variety of products on the market today. The majority of people, both male and female living in first world countries take a lot more care of their health and looks than we did just a few decades ago, when to bathe twice a week was not uncommon and the only perfume many used was the soap they washed with.

Oh how things have changed, and with the change comes huge competition between the various pharmaceutical and beauty product companies that seem to offer something new and improved on a daily basis. For us consumers it means unless we are one of the wealthy few who can afford to buy each and every new product that takes our fancy, we really don’t know which product works best or offers the best value for money. This is one of the major reasons companies promoting beauty & health products offer some of the best advertising, promotional offers and ‘freebie’ products of any retail industry.

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Some of our top sponsors at UK Free Stuff are from these industries and they understand, to get enough sales to make their products financially viable, they have to be one step ahead of the competition and offer their potential customers a reason to choose their product. One reason many customers will choose a certain beauty product is of course the alluring adverts that are seen on shop windows, billboards, television and promotional packaging, but another that is appealing to us all is discounts and freebies. The marketing team at UK Free Stuff are constantly in communication with, and updating our sponsors special offers, discounts, promotions and freebie offers in order to bring our readers the best Free Stuff out there.