Swap Game Unlimited game rental – free trial

Swap Game

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Swap Game are offering a free trial of unlimited game rental plus a free £5 CD WOW voucher if you become a paying member!

Rent Xbox, PS2, Game Cube, and Game Boy Advance games for as long as you want, there’s no return date and no late fee, just hire the game of your choice, play it until it’s completed then send it back and get another one. There’s over 15,000 titles to choose from with every new release guaranteed so you’re sure to find the game you want. If you sign up for a free 10 day trial and like the service you can decide to join up an choose a package to suit you. Prices start at £9.99 a month for one game at a time, two games will be £14.99 a month and if you want 3 games at a time it will cost £19.99 a month.

  • Unlimited game rental
  • No late fees
  • £9.99 per month
  • Free 10 day trial
  • Every new title guaranteed
  • Free CD WOW voucher when you become a paying member